Not many entertainers are 3.95 G.P.A. College graduates, who’ve served as a SGT in the Army, working as a full-time collections agent all at the same time. Who do you know who has protected our country, studied for a final, and wrote, produced, & recorded a HIT SONG all before 6am? Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet ToMBoy. ToMBoy is each member of TLC wrapped up in one. Her commercial sound has a voice mixture of Left Eye and Da Brat. Her song contents are a mixture of playful subjects, love/relationships, & comedy. This head-bobbing, funny bone tickling, baggy pants wearing, eye-brow raising, short-stop is not just a description of a female who acts and dresses like a boy, but she is also an urban rap artist who is out to push the barriers that most females are scared to push based on what society says a woman should be. The TMB in ToMBoy stands for Tina Michelle Blumenberg, and although boyish and flamboyant, she still seems to maintain her feminine and sensual side, while her cute, innocent baby-face provides a hell of a shocker to audiences when they hear what’s inside those loose lips of hers & discover that she’s quite older than she looks. It’s no wonder the 10th BILLBOARD SONG CONTEST reviewed her blunt, punchy, off-the-wall lyrics and catchy hooks as “exceptionally strong” and “commercially appealing.” "She gets a kick out of making people laugh and smile" says Stephen Stone (Judgment Ent), formerly of Ruffhouse/Columbia. "Her sound is very commercial and she is a hustler."

ToMBoy is also a R&B Songwriter & produces her own beats. She even plays the drums, trumpet, & piano by ear. Currently ToMBoy is #2 with over 9,200 downloads of her remix of Chris Brown's song at - Also, her new single "On The Way 2 The Club" already hit #4 in it's 1st week on Artist's Direct's Ultimate Band List Top 25 Hip Hop Chart.  The last time ToMBoy was on that chart, she was #1 FOR 7 WEEKS IN A ROW!!  She first arrived on the scene and gained the hearts of Latin music lovers with her single “Hesa’ Keepa’” when it rose to #2 on Cache’ Record Pools Tropical Latin Charts (Top 50) in Rhode Island, surpassing major artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Fat Joe, & Jon Secada. Hot in the night clubs, ToMBoy concurrently became a favorite at 3rd Finger Record Pool in Ohio when her single was surprisingly double slotted at #19 with Ludacris on their Top 40 Urban Charts, as well as #2 on Keystone Spinners Chart in PA. But, it was Chicago's B96 (96.3fm) and Pennsylvania's 91.3fm Top 50 Urban Playlist that set ToMBoy over the top when winning callers would say the name of her song & win T-shirts. It went so well that the radio station began requesting autograph pics. ToMBoy's new single, "On The Way 2 The Club" (produced by The Insomniax [Bobby Valentino, JoJo, B5]), is currently charting with the Illinois Record Pool, The DJ League, New Music For DJs Record Pool, Cicana Record Pool, etc., & spinning in many clubs throughout the New Jersey area, as well as on Philly's 91.3fm, Fayetteville-NC's 99.1fm, Macon-GA's 97.9fm, & on Germany's Radio 1 website.

ToMBoy's 5-Song EP "The Girl Next Door" is currently in iTunes

¨ ToMBoy was #1 for 7 WEEKS IN A ROW on Artist Direct’s Ultimate Band List Charts & has been in the top 10 among many major artists on many record pool charts & radio station play-lists across the US since 2003.
¨ ToMBoy was #2 on Cache Record Pool’s Tropical Latin Top 50 Chart
¨ ToMBoy’s remix of Chris Brown’s “Yo, Excuse Me Miss” has over 9,200 downloads @
¨ ToMBoy's “A Girl Like Me” is featured in the movie “Lenny The Wonder Dog”
¨ ToMBoy has opened up for Twista, & performed for thousands at the Taste of Chicago